A Birthday filled with Couplets

Chand Chand Sunata Samundra, the poetry collection of Justice Shiv Kumar Sharma, former judge, Rajasthan High Court and a prolific writer was released by Jagdeesh Chandra on Friday. It was also the 73rd Birthday of Justice Shiv Kumar.

The book is a collection of 700 couplets each one a masterpiece of beauty and emotions. Litterateurs like Krishna Kalpit, Nand Bhardwaj, Lokesh Kumar Sahil, Alok Chaturvedi, Akhilesh Tiwari, Moazzam Ali and Advocate Yatindra Sharma were also present. Justice Shiv Kumar is a regular writer combining poetry and legal work with equal ease and aplomb. For him writing is an emotional release and his way of putting forth his observation of the life today, the social dilemnas an etc.