Arrey Bhaya, Pande in Gulabi Nagar for Power Play @ wedsite

Jaipur: A frequent Delhi-Jaipur air traveller and AICC General Secretary and Rajasthan Incharge Avinash Pande, again landed in the state capital on Wednesday evening, this time mainly to attend two political weddings. One wedding relates to Babu Lal Nagar’s son and the second one is that of mining minister Bhaya’s daughter.

It appears by now that Pande has also become a denizen of Rajasthan like Gehlot, because of his frequent visits to strengthen the party organization and to get implemented a Sonia Gandhi mandate to bring complete coordination between the party and the government in Rajasthan. In fact, with his communicative skills and seasoned approach, Pande has done well to function as a bridge between two different ideologies ie Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot.

The lady Congress President has herself appreciated the role of Pande in Rajasthan. According to sources, apart from attending the two weddings this time along with the Chief Minister Gehlot, just to keep the morale of Pramod Jain Bhaya and Babulal Nagar high, Pande’s main agenda is to review the arrangements and strategy to collect a massive crowd in New Delhi from Rajasthan for December 14 Bharat Bachao rally of Congress. The presence of Gehlot and Pande will publicly improve the “image and strength” of both Bhaya and Nagar, who had been struggling for their survival and empowerment on various fronts.

During the visit, Pande is also likely to have almost conclusive discussions with towering Gehlot on the subject of upcoming political appointments, cabinet reshuffle and maybe a new PCC Chief, which otherwise looks quiet difficult at this moment. On the contrary, only three days back a Pilot supporter openly remarked that he (Pilot) will replace “someone” in January. Now the million-dollar question is who will Pilot replace…either in Jaipur or in New Delhi? But according to political observers, there is NOT AT ALL any chance for any change of leadership in Rajasthan for another four years.

However, this mystery will also be resolved with the likely appointment of new PCC Chief in the near future.

According to sources close to 10 Janpath, Gehlot’s graph with the Gandhi family has gone so high this time, which was never been before in the last ten years. Congress General Secretary Incharge and a close Gehlot ally Avinash Pande has also emerged a more powerful voice at 10 Janpath during the last couple of months. In fact, sometimes it appears Gehlot and Pande are a made for each other couple and don’t miss even a single opportunity to sit for hours together. Pande’s Wednesday Jaipur arrival is only a part and extension of their relationship when both the leaders will be attending two important wedding functions. incidentally, another Congress leader Hariprasad will also be there.