Bajaj may have put a brake on govt slumber, says CM Gehlot

First India spoke to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on several issues, including the Bharat Bachao rally scheduled for December 14… excerpts

Do you feel that Rahul Bajaj has shown a mirror to the Government?

Rahul Bajaj, grandson of Late Jamnalal Bajaj, a freedom fighter and treasurer of All India Congress Committee, as expected boldly put across his words in the presence of Home Minister and now hopes that the Government will wake up now and think which way the economy is heading. After Rahul Bajaj’s remarks, it is now seen how MPs in Parliament and businessmen have started speaking against the government policies. I think now the government would look into this and take corrective measures to bring back the economy to the right track.

Your take on the new health policy on Nirogi Rajasthan?

We have developed a concept called Nirogi Rajasthan. It will be launched on December 17, 2019 when the present government completes a year. Rajasthan is the only state in the country, where Ayushman Bharat has been named as Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Health Insurance. Since there was lot of corruption in the Bhamashah Scheme, hence it was changed. With an addition of 10 lakh people, the number of beneficiaries has swelled to 1.10 crore. I would also add that Rajasthan is the only state which offers free medical tests, free medicines to the patients and free MRI & CT Scan to senior citizens. Medical colleges are being opened in almost all districts thus Rajasthan becomes a model state with no load of medical bills on its residents. This is on the same lines of NREGA, Food Security Act, RTI and others started during Manmohan Singh government. I would suggest to the Central Government to bring a law regarding the health of citizens.

Security at Priyanka Gandhi’s house was breached when a car entered her residence complex and people tried to take selfies… how do you see this?

When Rajiv Gandhi was killed and Verma Commission was formed in which the retired Chief Justice of India had said that if the SPG had not been removed, his life could have been saved. Can’t these people see how two members of their family gave their lives. Indira ji was Prime Minister when she sacrificed her life… and then Rajiv Gandhi was martyred. There was no sense in removing the SPG and those who argue that the protection is not used, sometimes even the Prime Minister himself does not use. This is certainly not an argument to remove the EXTRA COVER. You can warn that the cover has been given and please be in its ring.

Elaborate on Bharat Bachao rally…

Following the directions of Party Chief Sonia Gandhi, thousands of Congress workers will assemble at Ramleela Maidan, New Delhi, from across the country and put up a grand show called Bharat Bachao rally. Where is the nation heading for? The democracy in is danger… economy is in shambles, people are not getting jobs but are losing employment instead… business houses are feeling the heat. I feel this rally will be a milestone in cracking the Government’s ego and pride.