Basking in RCA, Vaibhav has no plans to fight BCCI polls

Jaipur: RCA President Vaibhav Gehlot has put an end to the speculation about joining BCCI. He left for Mumbai on Sunday to attend the meeting of state representatives regarding BCCI elections. Accompanied by Rajeev Khanna and Bhavani Samota, Vaibhav left at 2 pm in an Air India flight. Today is the last day for filing nominations for BCCI elections.

In an exclusive interview with First India at Jaipur Airport, Vaibhav said he has no intentions to contest elections in BCCI. For now, he will focus on promoting Rajasthan cricket. Gehlot said after the BCCI election process, he will try to ensure that former outstanding funds of RCA are released ASAP so that cricket can be promoted at the district level. All efforts will be made in order to catapult local talent to the international arena.

Regarding the RCA stadium, Vaibhav said he is extremely serious and arrangements are being made to get funds for it, after which work will start on Ground Zero.