BJP fooling people by spreading lies: Shakti Singh Gohil

Jaipur: Congress is running a mass awareness campaign against the economic policies of the central govt across the country. On one side, they are trying to protest against the govt and at the same time, they are looking to garner public support. Congress National spokesperson Shakti Singh Gohil and Madhya Pradesh Government Minister Sajjan Verma visited the state Congress office on Friday.

During the press conference, Gohil accused BJP of spreading lies especially while presenting numbers. However, Congress always gives figures backed with a reliable source, he added.

Shakti Singh Gohil said the country needs to be more careful, as it was riding among the top five fastest-growing countries during Manmohan and Sonia’s reign; however, the dismal show has put growth in reverse gear.

Moreover, Gohil accused Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah and raised questions on the overnight unprecedented growth of Jay’s company. In 2014, the profit of the company rose to 80 crores from earlier Rs 50,000. Later, it was removed from SEBI’s site, raising eyebrows further, Gohil said.