Buoyed by success of e-auction RHB starts ‘Wednesday Auction Fest’

Jaipur: Motivated by the success of its e-auction and setting a record in generating maximum revenue in a single day, the Rajasthan Housing Board has now ideated the concept of bulk auction. The project is being called “Wednesday Auction Fest” by RHB officials.

The move aims to make it convenient for buyers of RHB’s houses across the state, to buy its properties at various sites in a bulk. To make the offer more consumer friendly, the RHB has decided to continue with its fifty percent discount that was being accorded to clients on the e-auction.

The project was initiated on Monday after RHB Commissioner Pawan Arora micro-managed the entire plan and issued orders in this regard following which all preparations were made in the offices of the Board spread across the state.

To sensitise the public about the board’s offers, hoardings have been put up at various locations and officials believe the “Fest” would enable the realisation of dreams of scores of individuals who wanted to have a home of their own, which incidentally is also the vision of the Gehlot government, for the common people.

Notably, a sealed offer letter will have to be handed to RHB officials at its offices in the state for any particular site. The letter could be handed at board office on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and on Wednesday evening around 4.30 PM, the offer letters would be opened in presence of all those placing bids.

The person who makes the highest bid will be allotted the houses. The board hopes that its move to auction its remaining properties will create another record in the state.