Centre has now resorted to petty politics: Gehlot

– FI Interview –

CM Ashok Gehlot said that the security cover given to leaders should not be politicised. While speaking to Rajiv Gaur, the CM touched upon various issues like economic slowdown, government formation in Maharashtra and more. Excerpts…

What do you have to say about removal of SPG cover to Gandhis.
Centre has now resorted to petty politics. Indira Gandhi gave her life for the country and did not let Khalistan carved out of the nation, she fought terrorism. Rajiv Gandhi too lost his life. SPG cover is accorded via Parliament’s Act where security has been given to save life, what else is there, is there any benefit in the cover? The security that we get, its based on assessment and the type of politics they are doing on this issue, it shows their mental bankruptcy. The Prime Minister needs to interfere, if Home Minister decides on something at his level then PM should interfere. No one should have a right to act in such a manner and if the episode is in PM’s knowledge then it is nation’s misfortune.

What do you think who will form govt in Maharashtra?
The Governor will decide on that because everyone has shown their cards. We have not received any mandate and both Congress and NCP have said that they have not go mandate, so we will sit in opposition.

There was a meeting in the PCC recently where it was decided to hold agitation for economic slowdown. Your take on this.
That programme is ongoing from November 5 and will go on till 15. The economy is in a shambles as the revenue that GST should bring, is not forthcoming because they enforced GST in a wrong way and the entire nation is suffering. States are facing the heat. Rajasthan will get Rs7,000 crore less so how will we work for development? Finance Minister’s husband is saying that these people don’t know about the economy of the nation, this government does not know. Secondly, he talked about Pandit Nehru’s ideology but these guys have ended that too. Thirdly, they should adopt Narsimha Rao and Manmohan Singh’s policies if they want to save the nation, what more can anyone say. This is sad state of affairs.

It is Guru Nanakji’s Prakash Parv and earlier Pakistan had said that pilgrims can come without visa but now they are insisting on visa.
I don’t have any comment on that. Talks must be going on between the Governments of India and Pakistan. Whatever Indian Government does, should be in our interest.