Chinks again? Pilot opposes hybrid system in corporations

Jhunjhunu: It seems that the cold war between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has now taken a fierce turn with Pilot strongly objecting to the implementation of the hybrid system in the municipal elections.

Pilot has even said without hesitation that no discussion has been held with the MLAs, neither in the Cabinet nor in the organisation. Instead, Pilot came to know about it through newspapers, when he was campaigning in Maharashtra. Pilot also said that the decision has been taken by the local municipal department at its level.

On Friday, Pilot had visited Jhunjhunu to participate in Jhunjhunu Kisan Sammelan, where he said that the Congress talks of keeping democracy alive, but democracy cannot survive after implementing this hybrid system. Because the person who cannot win the election of the councilor can also become the Mayor which will be a back door entry.

Pilot said that this system is neither practical nor correct from a political point of view. It has been proved by expressing such strong objection that everything is not going well in the government. Earlier, two ministers had also opposed the hybrid system.

Pilot added that he wants the election to be carried out by direct method, according to the announcement made by Congress. On the other hand, the Chief Minister has denied the reports coming against the system. CM Gehlot has said that the decision has been taken thoughtfully, which has not been opposed anywhere. The news of protest is being spread by the media.

Deputy CM Pilot also did campaigning for Mandawa byelections and addressed two election public meetings in Haryana as well.