Congress accepted defeat in polls: PM Modi

Taking a dig at oppn, Modi said people would have to decide between those who delivered & who indulged in misdeeds

Hisar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on October 18 hit out at the Congress, saying it has already “accepted defeat” in the Haryana assembly elections.

Addressing his second rally of the day, Modi was referring to a purported video in which three Congress leaders at the parliament complex were seen discussing prospects of the party in the polls.

“You clearly understand the situation of the Congress. What is their position now? Recently, a video of them went viral. It was clear that they were saying that it would be enough if they could win 10-15 seats,” the PM said, adding that those who have accepted their defeat could do nothing for Haryana.

He also alleged that the state leader in the video was insulted by other party leaders.

“I was surprised that the poor Haryana leader was replying with folded hands and the other Congress leader was showing his anger? Have you seen the video? Will you tolerate such an insult of Haryana? Could such ‘netagiri’ bring pride and raise honour of Haryana,” said Modi. Taking a dig at the oppositionparties, the PM said people would have to decide between those who delivered and those who indulged in misdeeds.

Appealing for support, the PM said, “During the five years of the BJP government at the Centre and in Haryana, most of the time was consumed in cleaning up, filling old potholes and removing bad things.”

Now, the “double engine” (BJP government at the Centre and in Haryana) would pick pace, he said.

Modi also attacked the Dushyant Chautala-led Jannayak Janta Party, stating that people of the state has rejected its politics and strategy.

“Today, if there is an unprecedented support for the BJP, it is because of the works carried out by the government and ‘kaarname’ (misdeeds) of the opposition,” he said.

On the one side, the BJP govt was implementing welfare programmes and on the other, the opposition parties were busy in ‘internal fighting,’ Modi said. “They were busy in breaking hearts and destabilising their own parties.” Lauding the state government, the PM claimed that the BJP in Haryana had provided a clean govt besides ensuring equitable development without discriminating on the basis of caste and region.

PM speak: On the issue of the scrapping of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said, “By abrogating Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, I have paid true tributes to brave jawans.” “Terrorists came and kill our people and we kept waiting for them. The country has changed. Now, there is no wait. The arrangement has been made for them.” He also said that the water on which farmers of the country had the right was flowing to Pakistan.

Pawar suffering from cataract of greed for votes: Shah

Rajura: Union Home Minister Amit Shah lambasted the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party for questioning the link between Article 370 & Maharashtra, saying that Sharad Pawar suffering from the cataract of ‘greed for votes’ and he could not see what the people want. Addressing an election rally, he said: “Maharashtra is the land of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Veer Savarkar& Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The land where the fight for ‘Swaraj’ began. Now, they were asking about the relationship between Maharashtra & Article 370. Pawar Sahab, you have got the cataract of greed for votes. You cannot see what the people of the state want.” Calling BJP a party of patriots, Shah said there is a group of dynastic parties led by Rahul Gandhi & Pawar.