Cops crack murder case, arrest serial killer among five others

Bharatpur: The Bharatpur police cracked a murder case and arrested five men including a serial killer who conducted loots and murders his victims for fun. Notably, the serial killer, who is also the prime accused in the matter, had even duped dozens of youth on pretext of getting them jobs. After taking money from them, he used to go underground. To hide his identity, the gang used to murder their loot target.

The dead body of one Charan Singh alias Madho was found on September 17 near Mathura bypass, and a few days later on October 11, one Moti Singh was found dead with a gunshot to his head. Cases were registered in these matters and investigation was initiated.

“A special team was formed keeping in view the similarities in these two incidents. The team initiated investigation and also started gathering information from sources while developing local intel as well,” officials said, further adding, “based on these leads, the team identified 21-year-old Prahlad Meena to be behind the incidents. However, the youth kept on misleading the cops and thus the entire scene was recreated and the blanks in the story were filled in and it was then that the youth confessed to his crime. Later, on the information provided by him, four other youths were arrested who were instrumental in these incidents. Prahlad is a habitual substance abuser and thus needs money for his habits. This is why he planned the loots and with the aide of others executed the loots and murders to save their identity. Further action is being taken,” officials said.