Cops looking for the ‘guilty’ in heritage gate demolition

Ahmedabad: A day after Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) stopped construction at the Geeta Mandir Bus Terminus by a private player hired by the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation Ltd (GSRTC), the police is now looking for someone to blame, on a directive from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The overnight demolition of a 400-year-old gate came into the public eye after Munaf Ahmed, chairman of the All-India Waqf Protection Committee, wrote to the ministry of culture. He also filed a grievance online, with the PMO’s portal, which then resulted in a directive to the police commissioner to investigate the matter and submit a port by Saturday.

The civic body is also conducting parallel inquiry in this matter.

“The police called me after my grievance was re-directed to them. They asked me details and took my version of events. The will investigate the matter and submit their report by December 7,” Ahmed told to First India.

“Someone must be guilty in this matter. None of the authorities involved are taking responsibility; they are all pretending they are clean. Let the police investigate. If needed, I will reach out to the High Court for justice,” he added. Ahmed has previously insisted that construction of GSRTC’s new bus terminus at Geeta Mandir “compromised rules”.

He continues: “After the incident of demolition of 400-year-old gate in GSRTC premises, all the authorities are passing the buck. Jitendra Radia, director of private contractor Hubtown Bus Terminal Pvt. Ltd, had earlier said that his firm had received permission from both the AMC and GSRTC for the construction and demolition, which was part of the ongoing construction. AMC had given permission for the construction near to ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) protected monument which is again violation of rule,” Ahmed asserted.