Curtailed telephone services to save lives: Malik

Kathua: On the day when postpaid mobile services were restored in Jammu and Kashmir, Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday defended the restrictions saying that every life of a Kashmiri was important and announced that Internet services would be restored soon in the region.

He also said that telephone lines were being used by terrorists for mobilisation and carrying out attacks. “People used to make noise that there is no telephone. We stopped telephone services because terrorists were using them for their activities, mobilisation and indoctrination. For us, the life of a Kashmiri was important and not telephone. People were living without telephone earlier also,”

“We have successfully saved the lives of the people. Now, telephone lines have been restored. People can now go about their lives. Tourists have started coming here. Young boys and girls were having difficulties earlier but now they can speak to each other. Now, there are no issues. Very soon, we will restore Internet services,” he remarked. The postpaid mobile services were made operational on Monday.