Dragon Dhamaka for Diwali

Not by choice but Jaipurites are purchasing Chinese products to light up this Diwali. The Reason: Price range, design, variety…

Sale of Chinese products may experience a low this Diwali as Indians are choosing to buy indigenous goods and a 45-50 percent decline in the sale of Chinese products could be witnessed this Diwali in comparison with last year’s sale.

Several decorative items like lights, gift items, lamps, Ganesha and Laxmi idols, rangolis, wall hanging and crackers, the decline is visible across all the sectors. 

As Diwali approaches, the sentiment against these fancy illuminations from across the border may run high once again. This will have little effect as these will still sell because of their low price which the Indian manufacturers cannot match.

The Competitor; Online Market

This year, online shopping is expected to grow with an increasing number of products available with a variety of prices and discounts. Every item like lights, lamps or everything is available in good price, quality and quantity. According to several studies, online pre-Diwali sales have increased by 150 percent, were shopping through smartphones have played a major role.

What market says?

Many major dealers in Jaipur say that they do keep some Indian products for sale along with the Chinese ones, but people often prefer Chinese ones because of their better finish work. Because sales of products from China had dropped significantly last year due to boycott of its goods, Chinese traders have now slashed their rates by 30 percent to 55 percent on several items, including decorative lamps, dinner sets, and idols of Indian gods, etc. They still manage their margins by adjusting quality and quantity. On the other hand, Indian products are comparatively costlier which comes with the hand-made tag.

The Significance

The significance of the festival may carry nuanced differences according to the region and within the traditions of Hinduism. However, despite all the differences, a common symbolism remains: It’s an important occasion that marks the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.

Demand of Made in India

People are preferring Indian goods over Chinese products and are demanding Indian lights and earthen diyas and shopkeepers were stacking products this festive season accordingly. The share of Chinese products like toys, fancy lights, gift items, plastic ware, decorative goods, etc. during Diwali is on an edge this season.

For an Eco-friendly Diwali

Say no to crackers: We can use eco-friendly or recycled products to prevent rapid deforestations.

Go Earthy: Substitute electric lightings and candles by authentic diyas that are bio-degradable, traditional, cost-effective and yet beautiful.

Green Gifts: Kitchen herbs, Fengshui plants, solar power gadgets, etc. are good options for green gifts.

Diwali is definitely one of those festivals that leave behind quite a lot of pollution and waste after the celebration concludes. If you want to do your bit for the conservation of the environment, it is very important to ensure that you dispose-off the waste carefully and in the correct places.

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