Drone flies above Walled City

It will do 360° mapping of all heritage buildings in the area to help preserve the heritage.

Jaipur: The 360-degree mapping of all the heritage buildings of the Walled City area will be done with the help of drones and truck-mounted cameras.

Through 360-degree mapping, the report of ownership, historical significance, illegal construction and current status of each heritage building will be prepared. Urban Development and Housing Minister Shanti Dhariwal gave this information while launching a drone survey in the Walled City area on Monday.

Dhariwal inaugurated an aerial survey work of the Walled City area by pressing the button of the drone remote at the Sanganeri Gate. During this, JMC Commissioner VP Singh, Chief Town Planner RK Vijayvargiya, Principal Adviser UDH HS Sancheti and other officials were present.

Dhariwal said, “It is the endeavour of our government that the Walled City area of the state capital will be recognised by UNESCO. UNESCO has included Jaipur City Parkota area in the World Heritage List at the 43rd UNESCO Conference in Baku city of Azerbaijan. During this period, some conditions were also stated that archaeologically important buildings and heritage within the Walled City area will be preserved”, said Dhariwal.

“The state government has prepared a detailed plan for the protection and the conservation of the heritage of the Walled City and detailed aerial survey and videography work will be done through drones. The survey will be done from October 14 to 20,” he added.

Dhariwal said that during the drone survey, mainly two activities will be done, wherein the facade (front elevation) of each building of the area will be recorded by 2D and 3D mapping of the buildings and it will be seen what changes have been made in the facade till now.

During this time detailed information of buildings of all archaeological importance will be collected through 360-degree mapping. After that, an action plan for heritage conservation will be prepared.