English august for block-level govt schools from next session

Jaipur: After the district headquarters, the state government will now start English-medium government schools at the block level as well. English medium government schools will be opened in 167 blocks of the Education Department from the next academic session. The Education Department has sought proposals for opening of English medium schools at the block level.

CM Ashok Gehlot had taken a major decision to open the English medium schools in the government sector. In the first phase, such schools were opened in all 33 district headquarters of the state from the current academic session 2019-20. On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary year of Mahatma Gandhi, state-run English medium schools were opened in every district headquarters and were named Government Mahatma Gandhi School.

On the lines of private schools, the study is also being done in these schools in English. In the second phase, the state government has now decided to expand the scheme to open English Medium Government School at the block level.

The Department of Education has 301 blocks in its organisational structure. Of these, Swami Vivekananda Government Model School is being run in 134 blocks. Except for these blocks, a plan has been prepared to open Mahatma Gandhi School of English Medium in the remaining 167 blocks.

Director Secondary Education Nath Mal Didel has issued orders to all district education officers to prepare proposals to open English-medium government schools at the block level. Didel asked the education authorities to identify schools in their area with Hindi medium which could be operated in English medium.

English Medium Government Schools will be started in all 167 blocks from academic session 2020-21.

Students of the Hindi medium of the school which will be identified for Mahatma Gandhi School will be transferred to the nearby government schools. Admission will be started afresh from the upcoming academic session in the newly formed Mahatma Gandhi School.

For converting Hindi government schools to English medium, only those schools which have their own school premises and building and have table-chairs, classrooms, toilets, teachers, will be selected.

Guidelines: According to the guidelines, English Medium School will be from class 1 to 12. There will be a recruitment of new teachers on the basis of interviews. The interviews of teachers will be principals of the schools.