Bollywood Baba Bola

Ikram Akhtar, screenwriter, producer and director in Bollywood, hailing from Lucknow, shared a glimpse of his journey in an exclusive interview with City First.

“I began my career in Bollywood as an Assistant Writer working for Anees Bamzee. The first film that I wrote for was ‘Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha’ after which I never looked back,” said Akhtar who has also written scripts for super hits like ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Baaghi’ and ‘Ready’, to name a few.

On being asked about his visit to the Pink City, “I am starting my online portal called ‘’ which will assist and support the budding talents in various ways. This portal even guides them with where to go after reaching Mumbai, where to find affordable places to live, whom to meet, and what not,” shared Ikram.

“In Rajasthan, we are also planning to come up with an honourary function, ‘Kartavya Ko Salaam’, for the police force here,” he added.

To top it off, Ikram Akhtar and his team is also planning to start the first film-technical school of the world in Rajasthan, so that the students can learn about all the techniques required while shooting a film.