Money, Power and Haste

Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and television star Iqbal Khan, who are all set for their upcoming web series ‘The Bull Of Dalal Street, shared about their roles in an exclusive interview with City First.

Talking about his character, Ashmit said, “The script of this show thrilled me because of which, I chose to be a part of it. I am portraying the role of Iqbal’s younger brother on-screen. If one looks into my character deeply, they could say that I am the Lakshman to his Ram who would do anything for his brother, very ‘aagyakari’ one who would never do anything against his brother’s will. My character is highly straight-forward, honest, yet colourful.”

However, Iqbal considers that his character has a grey shade to it.

“My character is of a man who comes from a small town but he is really smart and he definitely knows how to multiply his money, really sharp or rather cunning when it comes to his money. From starting a basic restaurant to getting into a share market and how he rises. But somewhere, he doesn’t know how to handle all the money and power. And gets bitter in terms of his relationships with his wife and brother by getting into drugs, alcohol and what not. The show is based in the 70s and was entirely shot in Mumbai. My character has a dark side and is wrong most of the times but his brother, that is Ashmit, would even kill for him,” shared Iqbal about his character in the series.

‘The Bull Of Dalal Street’ is all set to release on February 21.