Panwar The Music Devotion

Imagination creates reality in music, and yes it exactly happens in our real life if we truly imagine our dream, and one day it comes true. Inspiration is a life goal, and it makes us what we want to be. Piyush Panwar of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is a born prodigy as belonging to a musician family and started with singing at the age of 6.

His parents Vikrant and Vijay Lakshmi Panwar are the biggest support of his life-journey to be a musician.

Earlier, his family did not support him for his passion to become a musician but gradually, as he proved his talent and devotion towards music, it turned into support and acceptance.

For bettering himself in this field, he started worshipping the singing maestros like Mohd Rafi, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Hariharan, and Sonu Nigam. Dreams grew bigger and bigger, and he was a part of the singing reality show SaReGaMaPa, Indian Idol and Rising Star, and eventually won many hearts.

As of now, he is learning Hindustani Classical Music from Senia Gharana under Ud. Roshan Ali Bharti residing in Kota and Ud. Nisar Khan Sahab from Jaipur. The singer believes that “Art should be something which liberates your soul,” so follow your heart your passion. In the coming days, he will be one of the Playback Singers of India.