Food spree on day three

Pink City on a spree of food workshops in various locations at ‘Gourmet Getaway’

Audience of the Pink City is enjoying their time at the workshops organised by ‘Gourmet Getaway’, a fun-filled food festival in the city. The first two days covered a total of 7 events, each one being conducted by professionals at different locations. Followed by that, the third day of the exotic food festival was extraordinary as well, and the participants of the workshops were totally involved in the session, learning the art of food and drinks.

The first event of the day, ‘Masterclass- Straight from Cordon Bleu’, was hosted by Chef Ratna Saluja and Chef Gauri Rawat at Ombré where they taught the participants the art of baking desserts; the second event, ‘Raising the Bar- Cocktail Experience’, was hosted by Mixologist Virendra Singh at Akh Bar, where he made five cocktails using five different kinds of spirits; and the third, ‘Panel Discussion’, hosted by Chef Parul Kapoor at ITC Rajputana was on the topic “challenges in balancing quality and sustainability in the Food industry in Modern times”, with Chef Manjit Gill, Chef Sudhir Sibal, Chef Parul Kapoor, Dr Ashish Chopra, and Rishi Sharma being in the panel.

The magnificent fest of the Pink City, ‘Gourmet Getaway- A Fantastical Food Festival’ will end on a grand note today evening, October 12 at Nand Mahal Palace, with a great set-up of food from across the globe, and various eminent personalities being a part of it.

Panel Discussion hosted by Chef Parul Kapoor at ITC Rajputana

Chef Gauri Rawat and Chef Ratna Saluja during ‘Masterclass- Straight from Cordon Bleu’ at Ombré