For this DSP, efficient policing comes through his team’s homes

Meshana: For Mehsana District Superintendent of Police Manish Singh, 32, charity began at home. “You realise the value of something when you miss it. My wife is an IAS officer posted in Varanasi and I am an IPS officer in Gujarat. When you miss your family, your work does suffer,” he says.

It was this realisation that prompted the young 2013 batch IPS officer do something to help his team fight stress. He says for a police man stress comes from several reasons but the worst is when you fail to discharge social obligations of the family.

Sharing details about a number of initiatives he has taken for this, Manish Singh told First India, “The first thing you have to ensure as a team leader is that your staff is stress free to be able to discharge their duties efficiently.”

The first thing Manish Singh did after being transferred from Vadodara city to Mehsana as the SP in October, he sent out a message to the entire district police force asking them if they were uncomfortable with their postings because of family and social issues and they would like to be posted near or where their near and dears were. Some 250 cops of various levels came up with requests to be posted near home.

Especially for women staff, Singh went an extra mile to ensure that they are with the family. “So wherever the situation required, women staff were allowed to select nearest outpost for posting,” he said.

Speaking from the heart, Singh said secondly the biggest problem of police personnel was is to spare time for family and get them some entertainment. “Hence, I decided to use the police headquarters auditorium to organise screening of movies.”

Two separate shows are screened, the morning screening is for children, where two movies ‘Kesari’ and ‘Jungle Book’ were shown recently. During intervals in the movies, children are treated with popcorn and ice cream “to give them a feel of watching movies in a cinema hall. For elders, the police personnel were shown good entertainment movies with social messages.”

In another initiative this Sunday, Manish Singh held “Samvad” with the police personnel and their family members where they could come up with their personal problems and discuss possible solutions with him and other seniors. He has also planned value added vacation for teenagers appearing for 12th exams. Post board examinations, Singh will himself impart two months training for competitive exams to children of police personnel.

The compassionate Singh said, “We all face one or the other problem leading to stress. We often know the problem, but don’t have a solution, so I always tell my team let us find the solution. This is the first step in the direction to make police force stress free.”

Singh is confident in the longer run this will bring happiness and smiles on the faces of his team members who will undertake their duties with more enthusiasm and efficiency.