GEMstonishingly Rich!, Designer Shalu designed a Cape with Gemstones

The story of Radha and Krishna is the epitome of eternal love, which transcends eras and emotions. Inspired by the Vaishnava temple of Govind Dev Ji in the city, celebrity designer from Jaipur, Shalu Agarwal, created a unique Cape for Gowns, under her brand name ‘Motisa’, with the touch of modern art hand-painting of Radha-Krishna, which cost her around Rs 7 lakh.

The Cape is made up of Golden Organza fabric and decorated with precious gemstones. While describing the ‘unique’ factor of the Cape, she said, “Many designers are using Gold and Silver on the fabrics, but for the first time, I have experimented with the Gemstones powder on the fabric to paint my art.” To compliment Radha-Krishna, “18 ‘Mor Pankhs’ have been incorporated to give the Came more luxurious look,” she added.

The precious Cape is decorated with Silver metal and gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, and to add an extra element, Shalu sprinkled the powder of these gemstones. The designer took one year to create a special lotion to hold the Gemstones powder on fabric.

Designer Shalu promotes her unique style in her designs. She creates an ethnic range of fashionable clothing with the use of hand painting art on the fabric while giving it a Rajasthani touch with Gota-Patti, sequence and other accessories. She has also designed dresses for various celebrities like a white Saree with multi-coloured flower print for Lata Mangeshkar, ethnic suit for actress Ritu Shivpuri and a hand-painted black suit for Shrenu Parikh among others.