Govt not to issue pending ration to beneficiaries from Dec 1

Jaipur: It will be necessary for the beneficiaries to take ration material every month under the Public Distribution System (PDS). The ration material of the previous month will not be given from December 1.

Only the ration material of the current month of the beneficiary will be given. The state government has decided to change the distribution of ration materials to be distributed under PDS from December 1. The month for which wheat is allotted to the beneficiary will be required to be received the same month.

Food and Civil Supplies Minister Ramesh Meena said that the system of distribution of ration of the last month with a current month will be abolished in the state. The beneficiaries of NFSA will be required to take wheat from ration shops every month from December. If a beneficiary does not take ration material in the month of December, he will not be distributed the outstanding ration material in January. It is noteworthy that wheat and other supplies are being distributed under the National Food Security Scheme (NFSA) through the Public Distribution System (PDS) in the state. So far, the beneficiary who was not receiving ration material from the ration shops in the state every month was allowed to take two months ration material together, which will not be available from December next month.