Goyal questioned my abilities: Nobel laureate

New Delhi: A day after Union Minister Piyush Goyal called Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee’s thinking “totally left-leaning” and that it was “rejected by people of India”, the noted economist responded by saying that Goyal questioned his professionalism with such remarks and added that he is “non-partisan” in his economic thinking.

“I feel what’s not helpful in that kind of comment is more the questioning of my profession or our professionalism. I think the reason we were given this prize is partly because we are professionals,” Banerjee, in an interview with a news channel, said.

On BJP’s jibe that Banerjee had advised Congress on its NYAY scheme for the Lok Sabha polls, the economist said he would have provided the same economic data to the BJP government had it asked him.

“I might be privately partisan about various things but in terms of the economics that I want people to take seriously, I am not partisan at all. If somebody asks me a question…I don’t question their motives,” he added.