650 people from Gujarat under observation

Two suspected corona virus patients admitted in New Civil Hospital Surat isolation ward.

Surat/Ahmedabad: Two suspected patients of corona virus have been found and sent to the isolation ward of the New Civil Hospital in Surat, while two others from Kadi in North Gujarat, who came from Thailand, were tested and allowed to go after their reports were negative. Health Department officials revealed that in all 650 persons from Gujarat, who have returned from China or neighbouring countries since January 15, have been put under observation at their respective homes. A State Health Department official in Gandhinagar told that, “The State Government has been very vigilant. Currently, around 650 people are under the observation of the health department. All these people have been made home- quarantined.”

Different health teams are constantly in touch with them. As many as 30 international passengers were screened by the Health Department at the Ahmedabad Airport on Thursday. However, none of these passengers had any symptoms of corona virus.

The two youths from Kadi, who returned from Thailand, were admitted to the isolation ward at Ahmedabad after a preliminary investigation found them to be suffering from cold and sore throat. Dr GH Rathod, Superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, said that the two were hospitalized for symptoms like throat problems. They were adamant not to be in the hospital and so were discharged after a detailed investigation. The medical officer followed the standard protocols but did not find any corona symptoms. Meanwhile, a 28-year-old woman from Bopal-Ambli is currently undergoing treatment. Her blood sample has been sent to the National Institute of Virology in Pune and the report is yet to come. Besides this, three other reports are awaited.

No Surat jewels for Hong Kong exhibit

As previously reported by First India, the diamond industry of Surat has been affected by the outbreak of corona virus in Hong Kong. A gem and jewellery showcase being prepared for an exhibition slated to be held in Hong Kong has also run into a wall. Specially crafted for the exhibit by an artisan in the city, the valuables have been stopped from being exported to China.

The artisan has created intricate ornaments from 5kg of 24-carat gold in various designs. The valuables, which have a collective value of Rs2.10 crore, were designed for the Hong Kong showcase. Around 7,000-8,000 pieces of gold and diamond-studded footballs, each of which cost Rs28 lakh. A gold coin weighing 5kg was also made for the display.

Other pieces include 45 bats and balls, weighing 1 kg each, and 96 golden goggles also created for the exhibition. It is likely to be cancelled as a precautionary measure in wake of the corona virus outbreak in China.