A’bad Municipal Corp seals three bogus doc clinics

Ahmedabad: The health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) cracked the whip on bogus doctors in the city on Wednesday and sealed three clinics. According to health officials, the doctors were practicing allopathic medicine while possessing alternative medicine degrees. Also, these units do not have any license for bio-medical disposal.

Dr Tejas Shah, deputy health officer of the south zone, said, “Three teams had conducted the operation to find bogus doctors. There are some bogus clinics, which usually operate in the evenings, after our work hours. On Tuesday, we had sealed one bogus unit in the evening after 6 pm. Under the pretext of piles treatment, one doctor was found prescribing allopathic medicine.”

“After sealing these units, we informed the police about certain doctors violating the Gujarat Medical Practice Act. Now, the police will act accordingly. We followed up with the sealed units to make sure they have discontinued their operations,” added Shah.

The sealed clinics belonged to Dr. Samir Biswas, who runs Raj Clinic, Dr. Girish Shah of Jalaram clinic and
hospital, and Dr SK Ray, who operates Ray clinic.