Ahmedabad city police turn to YouTube to raise awareness

The city police are launching a channel on the video site to inform the public about crime

Ahmedabad: Faced with a rise in technology-based crimes such as online cheating and cat-fishing, the Ahmedabad city police has decided to launch a YouTube channel, where it will post videos to make people aware of such cases and others.

The city’s police commissioner, Ashish Bhatia, told First India, “These days, cases of online fraud are increasing. Criminals use different tactics for cheating people into giving them their bank account details, OTPs, etc. Some people also give out their personal details willy-nilly, making them easy targets. The police take action, but the public also needs to be vigilant.”

The department has always used the media to raise public awareness, he pointed out, adding, “We used to use posters, hoardings and pamphlets. Now we are moving to social media to reach people in the age of technology.”

He added: “We have decided to create videos on online fraud to help people become more aware of the risks. In addition, we will also be uploading videos about other crimes such as blows, robberies, thefts, domestic violence and cheating, since these are still prevalent.”

The YouTube channel is being handled by the Ahmedabad Cybercrime Cell, Commissioner Bhatia informed First India.
The police has also decided to build 18 outposts in public places and give personnel on the River Front Segways to aid in patrols.