City’s firemen battle ‘state of undress’

Ahmedabad: There are 300 people who risk their lives every as part of the fire and emergency services department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Unfortunately, the department does not have enough uniforms for these men, according to the city’s Chief Fire Officer.

“Some of the firemen were given uniforms back in 2013 but, since then, no uniforms have been issued,” Chief Fire Officer Mehernosh Dastoor, told First India. He added, “The civic body purchased 3,900m of fabric in 2013, but about 1,245m of that is still unused.” Former councillor and Jamalpur-Khadia MLA Imran Khedawala says he had allocated a portion of his councillor’s budget back in 2013 for the purchase of fabric for uniforms for the fire department. While the fabric was bought, it is yet to be put to use. the firemen remain without uniforms.

“Back in 2013, Rs2.5 lakh was allotted for uniforms for firemen. Now, I hear that the material is still in the central storage of the civic body and the firemen still have not received their uniforms,” he said.
The city’s fire department has made several representations to the civic-body authorities regarding uniforms, shoes and other gear.