Cong walks out, BJP passes village merger with majority in GMC

Gandhinagar: The Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation (GMC) witnessed a heated argument when the resolution on merging 19 villages under the civic body’s jurisdiction was put to a vote on Monday. After opposing the resolution on the grounds that the municipal corporation has failed to serve villages already under its purview, members of the Congress party staged a walk out rather than vote on the issue. This gave safe passage to the ruling party to pass the resolution with majority votes.

Of the 32 GMC councillors, 17 are from the BJP and 15 from the Congress. Sixteen BJP councillors voted for the resolution on Monday.

Now that the resolution has been passed in the GMC, it will be sent to the state government for final approval. The ruling party is of the view that an increase in the city limit area will give the corporation more powers, allowing it to better serve the city and its citizens.

Councillors from the Congress party opposed the resolution on the grounds that the corporation has not yet provided basic amenities to the roughly five villages which were merged into the city limit area in the recent past.

“These villages are still waiting for regular tap water, drainage services, cleaning services, and tar roads.

Instead of providing service to them, the corporation is interested in increasing city limit area. The question that arises is whether the ruling party is serious about giving service or only interested in collecting property tax,” one opposition-party councillor said.