For next 15 days, police on hunt for liquor dens

Ahmedabad: Stepping up their drive to curb anti-social and illegal activities in the state, the police will strike all illegal liquor dens across the state over the next 15 days. In keeping with an order issued by Director General of Police Shivanand Jha, police personnel will conduct a series of raids and cross raids from February 3-17.

The order was issued after the police head unexpectedly dismantled all check-posts along the Gujarat border last month.

Notably, these raids have become more frequent after arguments between the chief ministers of Gujarat and Rajasthan regarding the consumption of liquor in the “dry” state. During this series of raids, the crime branch, the local crime branch (LCB) and the prevention of crime branch (PCB) have been asked to conduct maximum raids effectively.

The police have also been asked to keep a check on previously raided illegal liquor dens and known bootleggers. Raids have also been ordered to curb gambling across the state.

Meghaninagar police inspector, DJ Chudasama says such raids are being conducted on a regular basis. “Police have amped up foot patrols in the evenings in some sensitive areas. When such orders come from senior officers, we reach out to the listed bootleggers and make sure they are not selling liquor again,” said the police inspector.

“We have also deployed our staff at various crossroads to check for smugglers,” added the officer.