Goons ransack vehicles in Meghaninagar

Ahmedabad: With the intention of spreading fear in the city, goons ransacked 20 vehicles, including cars and auto-rickshaws, in Meghaninagar on Tuesday morning. According to city police, the attackers did not have any rivalry but threatened people against calling the cops.

Omprakash, aka Rinku Parihar, and three of his friends allegedly damaged eight auto-rickshaws and various other vehicles parked near Kumbhaji ni Chali.

“Looking at the incident, it seems that the attackers wanted to create an environment of fear; there was no other motive. They were attacking vehicles with sticks and swords. Some people tried to stop them but Parihar was allegedly attacking them back. Three people were injured in the incident,” said DJ Chudasama, police inspector.

“We have set up three different teams to look for the culprits. We are conducting raids in different locations of the city. We took the help of our technical team, which will also provide call detail records and trace their locations. Moreover, we have been interrogating the family members of the culprits,” added the officer. A police complaint has been filed against Parihar, Vivek Yadav, Ravi, and one more person.