Kalpasar proving white elephant, will take 20 yrs, to cost `1.42 L cr

Gandhinagar: Former Chief Minister and BJP’s one-time stalwart Keshubhai Patel’s dream project Kalpasar will take at least seven to eight years just for tidal studies. The Kalpasar department has already conducted 23 studies.

More delays in the studies will lead to further price escalation, that was envisaged to be developed at Rs 53,000 crore in 1998. Sources said even if it takes eight years, the overall project cost would rise to an astronomical Rs 1,42,040 crore.

Kalpsar department sources told First India that the tidal velocity at the Gulf of Cambay is highest in entire Indian coastline. To study this vis-a-vis the project, the department will work with oceanography experts for seven to eight years. So, once this is done, the project will take another 10 years.

According to a study conducted by Arjun Babu under the guidance of Dr. S. G. Aparna, Senior Scientist, National Institute of Oceanography in 2012, “In India the highest tidal range is found in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay), having a spring tide range of 8.8 meter. However in the open ocean the mean tidal range is usually less than 2 meters.”

Arjun Babu’s study further states, “(This is according) to the phases of the moon. It is observed that the tidal currents have a larger velocity range during full moon and new moon.” Within these, the velocity range during the full moon is higher than during the new moon.
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