Man hides 200 gm gold in rectum, held at airport

Surat: The customs department of Surat airport on Wednesday arrested a man for allegedly trying to smuggle 200 grams of gold into the city by hiding the metal in his rectum. The airport’s security staff arrested the man after noticing him behaving unusually. The accused, Rajesh Chabariya, who is a resident of Mumbai, hid two capsules of gold worth Rs8.5 lakh.

Chabariya was returning from Sharjah and is now being held in custody for further investigation. According to police reports, the accused admitted to attempting to smuggle the gold, after being investigated by the customs department.

Sources say customs noticed the accused taking another route to exit the airport instead of the way dedicated for those bringing valuable items with them at the airport.

After being held by airport authorities, Chabariya was asked to walk through a metal detector gate and an X-Ray scanner, which caught two capsules of the metal. Chabariya was arrested under the relevant provisions of the Customs Act.

According to an officer, all smugglers caught smuggling valuables in the current financial year were Indian passengers. They had boarded flights from airports in the Middle East and south Asia, including routes from the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Thailand.