Negligence at New Civil Hospital causes two deaths

Surat: The New Civil Hospital (NCH) in Surat has come under fire after two patients died due to negligent care on Saturday. Nilesh Naik, 27, met with an accident on Saturday and suffered a serious head injury and a broken leg. He was rushed to NCH, where he was given primary treatment and shifted to a ward. However, he was later found dead on a nearby road, with his leg in a plaster cast and intravenous needles still in his hand, by a passer-by.

In another case, 39-year-old Rekha Vankhede was taken to NCH after she fainted in her home. However, doctors declared that no ventilator was available, and provided breathing assistance using an ambu bag. She died before she could get to a ventilator, despite multiple pleas by her relatives.

Chetan Nayak, Resident Medical Officer (RMO), New Civil Hospital, said, “I am in Gandhinagar and have not assessed the situation personally. However, I have spoken to the concerned HOD. I have no information about the man found on the road but, the woman could not be provided with a ventilator because other patients who were already on ventilators were all serious, too. What else could we do in this situation?”
Local police are investigating the matter.