Rupani Govt driving full-throttle on road to success

Gandhinagar: There were at least three major developments on Thursday which tell the story of the Vijay Rupani Government’s success. At his monthly programme “Mann ni Moklash”, the Chief Minister talked about sustainable approach for fodder production, the State attracted major investments in the electronic manufacturing sector and the State Transport service won the road safety award for 2018-19.

The Chief Minister hosted trustees of Gaushalas across the state during his “Mann ni Moklash” event, where Rupani said modern technology is needed for increasing the fodder production in the State. “A sustainable approach is needed and the State Government is willing to give all support for this,” he said.

“At present, commercial production of fodder is taking place at selected places and we need to change the policy. We should identify the places with scarcity and look for places where on a large scale fodder can be cultivated.
This will reduce the transportation cost,” Rupani said.

He assured the Gaushala trustees that the State is not giving Gauchar (cattle grazing) land to any industry. If it has, it is with a condition that the industry must buy an equal area of land and develop Gauchar in three years and hand it over to the state government.

The second big achievement for the state is that the electronic equipment manufacturer, Voltech Home Appliances from the Voltas group has decided to invest in Sanand. They will be manufacturing washing machines and refrigerators and 60 acres of land have been given to the company.

The electronics sector is growing in the State at a rapid pace and its contribution in exports too is growing. In the year 2017-18, US $ 66.8 billion worth exports of electronic products took place and the State’s contribution towards the total national export was 22 per cent. The State has targeted to generate six lakh jobs in the electronics sector, which is expected to attract US $ 6 billion investment by 2021.

The last but not the least, the Union Transport Ministry has selected the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation for safe services. And the corporation has been awarded for best performance in 2018-19. Against 1 lakh kilometer journey, the accident ratio during the period was 0.06, meaning it is one of the safest services in the country. This, again, is an example of good governance of the Rupani Government.