Slow coach no more: Metro rain to run at 80kmph by year-end

Ahmedabad: Currently unpopular because of its slow speed, the Ahmedabad Metro run will run at the speed of 80kmph by the end of the year, a considerable improvement from its current speed of 25kmph. Also, the Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Limited (GMRC) is all set to launch six routes in the operational stretch from Vastral Gam to Amraiwadi.

Talking about the trial run of 80kmph, Amit Gupta, Chief General Manager of GMRC told First India, “The current speed of operational route is 25kmph. By month end, we will run the train at the speed of 80kmph which is maximum speed. And in January, we are expecting CMRS’s (Commissioner of Metro Railways Safety) inspection,” At present, four stations are operational; two more, one each at Vastral and Rabari Colony, will also be operation by February.

“To cover distance of 6.5 km, the train currently takes 25 minutes. After the increase speed, it will cover the same distance in 10 minutes. After the increase speed, timing for commuters will be changed,” Gupta added.

Total ridership on workdays is 200 commuters.

“On weekdays, there is average ridership of 200 and on weekends it is around 1500. It is covering distance of just 6.5 km. It will get ridership once the entire phase will be completed,” Gupta also said.

Talking about the ongoing work, Managing Director SS Rathod told First India that tenders for the second phase of Metro (connecting Gandhinagar) will float soon. “Second phase project has approved recently, and we will float tenders soon. The construction work for the project will being in June 2020 and it is expected to complete by March 2024,” he said.

Cost of the second phase is expected to be Rs5,384.79 crore and the route is 28.26km, which will have 24 stations.

The total length of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase-I is about 40.03km, of which approximately 6.5km is underground and the rest is elevated section. Expected to be fully operational by 2021, the project will connect all four corners of Ahmedabad city with 2 corridors and 32 stations.

The first phase of the project will cost around Rs 10,773 crore.