Snapshots Jharkhand

The Natarani Amphitheatre in Usmanpura recently hosted artists and artisans from Jharkhand who were in Ahmedabad as part of the first-ever Jharkhand Festival. The festival included Jharkhandi crafts bazaar, Paitkar painting workshop, a traditional mask-making workshop and special evening performances titled Aadi Nritya—Tribal and Folk dances of Jharkhand, which featured traditional dances from the region including a marshal-arts dance with colourful costumes, traditional jewellery and special face mask. The dancers performed to percussion with fast movements, animated expressions and unmissable enthusiasm.

The dances are a larger-than-life representation of everyday life, drawing inspiration from rural life, where villages and the jungles have coexisted comfortably for ages and where it isn’t out of the ordinary to see elephants raid fields. The festival also included In all, more than 50 artists participated in the three-day event, which brought Amdavadis a taste of the food and films, as well as dance, music and craft forms of the state which is rich in tribal and folk heritage.