Surat Infant dies after consuming ‘medicine’

A person claiming to be a ‘doctor’ prescribed meds

Surat: A 4-month-old girl died after consuming medicine meant to treat dengue and malaria in Limbayat area of the city on Monday night. Kishori, who had been sick, was brought to the New Civil Hospital by her parents for treatment.

According to the girl’s mother Esme, she and her husband Mukesh Patil, a salesman by profession, brought their baby girl to the hospital to get medical assistance. A person claiming to be a ‘government doctor’ met with them and prescribed the anti-dengue-malaria drug for the child’s malady. He allegedly gave the drug to the parents for a sum of Rs120.

The child was then administered the drug by her parents at home; following this, she started crying profusely. This prompted her mother to breastfeed her. When the child did not wake in the morning, the worried couple rushed to the hospital where the on-duty doctor declared the infant dead.

The person responsible for the prescription of the drug has been identified as a government employee. However, doctors have assured the parents of the child that money charged for the medicine was not for any government vaccination programme, as claimed by the ‘doctor’.

Parents of the child have lodged a complaint with local police and the body of the deceased infant has been sent for post-mortem.