Windmills in Kutch are damaging ecology: Locals

Ahmedabad: “There is a rampant installation of windmills in the Kutch. This is damaging our ecology. Kutch is already a victim of many natural calamities and the installation of the windmills is adding to our woes,” said Mahesh Gadhvi, who lives in the pastoral village of of Jamathda.
Gadhvi alleged that Suzlon, the company that is installing windmills in Nakhtrana, has been chopping down more trees than it was allowed. He further said that the company is clearing the trees and shrubs from the areas around the windmills.
“We generally take our cattle to graze in the areas near our villages. In Nakhtrana, a portion of the jungle has trees and shrubs, which are home to rabbits and foxes. My cattle are being disturbed by the noise of windmills. Moreover, there are fewer animals and birds here since their homes have been wiped out,” he further added.
Environmentalist Mahesh Pandya said, “The government treats solar panels and windmills as the Holy Grail of clean and green energy. But, they are not. Their ‘sustainability’ is not bulletproof. For instance, a lot of bio-diversity was damaged in Absada,” adding, “Environmental impact assessment must be done before the installation of the windmills. This has not been conducted anywhere in Kutch.”
He continues: “All the guggal trees—a native species in this region—were chopped down in Kutch’s Abdasa area. Most ingenious species have been damaged, without permission.”
Murali Pillai, chief corporate communication at Suzlon Energy Limited, said that company will look into the issue. Kutch collector Praveena DK said, “I have not received any complaint from locals. I will form a team and investigate the matter.”