‘Huff’ Ticket & Now, E-Ticket

Very soon your ‘visa’ to enter the cinemas to see your favorite heroes and heroines and the item numbers will be a thing of the past. Log Out! and Log in… your mobile phone will show you the way to your seat.

With the number of smartphone users rising and more and more moviegoers prefer to book tickets through online mode, a large number of people choose to go for online ticket booking rather than traditional box-office booking.

Recently, Information and Publicity Minister Kadambur C Raju hinted that the Tamil Nadu government was taking steps to sell movie tickets at theatres across the State exclusively online. The minister, answering a question about prices of food items sold at movie theatres, added that the government had already regularised parking charges and soon would regularise the prices of food items as well.

The department had been monitoring the sale of movie tickets online and soon would regularise the prices. The quality checks would be conducted on food items being sold at theatres in the State, the minister added.

The present ticketing system in theatres includes both online and over-the-counter options.

Reason Behind

The move being hinted at is seen as a way to regulate ticket pricing for festive releases and star vehicles, as online ticketing ensures accountability, and the solution to the issue of black tickets. Notably, the Tamil Nadu government had previously increased the pricing cap for multiplexes and single-screen theatres across the state, after the implementation of GST.

Market Scenario

The total size of the movie ticket-booking business is estimated at about $2 billion in India, out of which online movie booking accounts for just around 15 percent. This presents huge scope for growth and the rise in smartphone users further increases scope, as moviegoers are increasingly moving towards mobiles to make online bookings.

Via online ticket booking, we can reserve our seats before we got there. One never get regret by the sign of ‘houseful’ on our favourite movie.
We will get E-Ticket and it is saved in our messages or emails.   
We can choose the seats as much we want in no time and we also don’t need to be in the queue.
Some great offers or discount vouchers are also applicable while buying the tickets online.
Another good reason to use an online booking for our movie tickets is that we can choose from a wide variety of payment methods.

Via offline or box office booking, we pay less money than online because when we buy online, there are extra taxes on online booking in the form of convenience charges.
Online ticket booking is not meant for one who is not a fan of technology. Also if we don’t have access to the internet or have slow internet speed.
If we choose a system that doesn’t have great customer support, relying on the artificial system may be difficult sometimes.
Unfortunate network loss while paying online can leave us in confusion whether we have paid or have to pay again.
Because of the increasing level of cybercrime, customers don’t feel safe in sharing their card details over the web.

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If we look for convenience, we book movie tickets online. However, we have to shell out some extra bucks for the convenience. I am the one who values money, so I prefer buying tickets from the booking counter only. By doing this, I save a few bucks which I can use for some other purposes. —Pankaj Sharma

Online ticketing not only helps people to be sure that they will have a seat when they reach the auditorium, but it also helps them be better informed about what shows are running in the city. We all know about the increasing traffic of city and this online booking system helps users to give a confirmed seat at no time. —Ravi Kumawat