In Mumbai to seek votes, CM Gehlot says RSS running nation!

In an exclusive interview with First India during campaigning for Maharashtra assembly elections on Tuesday in Mumbai, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said the country is directly or indirectly being run by the RSS, BJP is just a name! Gehlot also made sharp remarks against the BJP and said these people did not even hurt their finger in the freedom struggle, rather they were British puppets and their informers.

You are vigorously campaigning in Maharashtra. What kind of atmosphere do you see?

For Congress, the atmosphere is good in the entire state. I have come to appeal to the masses to smash the pride of the BJP and turn the tide and vote for Congress. Such a perception has been created that BJP and Shiv Sena will win, but they will never shine on the basis of lies. There must have been some shortcomings in us as well, but the people of the state are sensible and will not be deceived by the false promises of the BJP.

You have great popularity among the Marwari migrants and your focus is also on these voters. What do you think about them (Marwari voters)?

There are Rajasthani migrants in Maharashtra. There are people from UP and Bihar and they all know what is happening in the country. There is an atmosphere of fear and violence in the country today. Currently, the BJP and Modiji are not talking about bringing black money, nor are they talking about employment; only patriotism is being talked about. There is no need for BJP and Modiji’s certificate for patriotism.

Why have you accused that RSS is ruling the country… please justify.

It is very clear. A stalwart of RSS, Modiji, is ruling the country as the PM… so is it not evident that RSS rule prevails in the country; BJP is just a name. Whether directly or indirectly, it is RSS regime and their promoter is the Prime Minister. The unfortunate thing is that institutions in the country are being ruined by the RSS. Be it CBI, ED, Income-Tax or Judiciary, all are working under pressure. If RSS workers and members claim that they are a cultural institution, then they should save the country from being ruined.

What do you have to say about the statement given by Ravi Shankar Prasad on the economic recession?

Ravi Shankar Prasad said that three Hindi films are doing a business of Rs 120 crore in a day, so where is the recession in the country? In reality, the business community is scared and upset. Even disturbed people go to watch films. Some consume alcohol and some have tobacco to forget their miseries. Distressed people also go to watch films to forget their problems. The reality is that such people do not have sense. The husband of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has also said that the condition of the Indian economy is bad and the government should take necessary steps to improve it.

Busy schedule

On Tuesday, Gehlot addressed the Pravasi Rajasthan Jansampark Abhiyan and appealed to Rajasthani migrants residing in Maharashtra to vote in favour of the Congress.

The event was attended by a large number of Congress leaders and migrant Rajasthanis, including Health Minister Raghu Sharma, MLA Rafiq Khan, Murari Meena, Gopal Meena, Ved Prakash Solanki, Pukhraj Parashar, PCC General Secretary Rupesh Kant Vyas, Congress leader Rafiq Mandelia. Raghu Sharma also held a public meeting in Meera Bhayander.

On Wednesday, CM Gehlot will hold a press conference at the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee office and will also address three public meetings. Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has also reached Mumbai for campaigning and interacted with people at several places.