90 per cent judges won’t be assets, says Justice Gogoi

Retired CJ says $5-trillion economy needs experts in industrial disputes resolution

Gandhinagar: Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Justice Ranjan Gogoi here on Monday stated that a key to achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of achieving a five-trillion dollar economy is a proper industrial disputes resolution mechanism through experts.

“If the country wants to achieve the dream of the five-trillion dollar economy, we need foreign investment. For that, we need to have a dispute resolution mechanism in place for the early resolution of disputes,” Justice Gogoi said.

He asserted that, “Ninety per cent judges will not be an asset in resolving commercial disputes. Let us entrust commercial disputes resolution to professionals. Let us curtail the right to appeal. We need to give confidence to investors that we have a system that works, you can come and invest here safely,” he added

Justice Gogoi was delivering a public lecture on “ Rebuilding the Judiciary: Nation Building “ at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) Gandhinagar. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani presided over the function.

He said that there is an urgent need to rebuild the judiciary. Unless the judiciary is rebuilt, this country cannot prosper. “We need to rebuild the judiciary; merely increasing the number of courts or expediting the process of judicial appointments will not suffice,” Justice Gogoi asserted.

He said, “The moment we have a fearless, independent and working judiciary, the nation will be on a march.”

Referring to the ongoing controversy around CAA, he said that “CAA is an issue. Our views may not match but the resolution should be through constitutional means. Trust your judges, they will decide in accordance with the Constitution of India.”

He asserted that, “India as a nation is not doing too well if we look at the comparative statistics. While we are number two in terms of the population, we are not faring too well on many important parameters.”

Giving instances, he said on the Happiness Index, the country ranks at 140 out of 156 countries. On where a person would like to be born if he had a choice, India is at number 66 out of 80 nations. On Gun ownership, India is at number 02 out of 179 countries. On the Rule of Law Law index, the country stood number 66 out of 113 countries.

He said on the intentional homicide, the country is at number two in 219 nations. On Corruption in public life, India is at number 78 in 180 nations, freedom of press index at number 140 out of 180 nations. “On Democracy Ranking, our number is 65 out of 112 counties and on Air Quality Index, the country’s number 84 out of 92 nations,” he said.