Flying low: Air traffic marks a negative growth

Jaipur Airport struggling with less passenger load amid economic slowdown

Jaipur: Economic slowdown has trickled down to aviation sector as well. This sector has not been able to recover after closure of Jet Airways. Air traffic has registered negative growth, which can be understood from Jaipur airport traffic data.
According to Jaipur airport’s traffic report of 2019, there has been huge decline in passenger load as compared to 2018 but the number of airplane landing here has also reduced drastically.

The slowdown began with closure of Jet Airways in February last year while other airlines failed to fill the gap created by absence of Jet Airways, which had 14 flights connecting six cities to Jaipur. Of total Jet flights seven were to Delhi alone. Other airlines too failed to increase flight operations from Jaipur rather the number of flights has been less than previous year. The passenger traffic did not increase even in the peak tourist season.

Among reasons offered for decline in air traffic at Jaipur airport are frequent runway NOTAM. It is being said that a parallel taxi track to current runaway is being laid at the airport and four NOTAM of up-to 2 to 3 months have been taken during which flights cannot operate for seven hours thus reduced flight numbers.

The delay in departure and arrival hall meant there is always heavy rush that put passengers at inconvenience besides terminal one is still not ready therefore airlines are reluctant in starting new flights.