Hullabaloo in Parliament over Rahul’s “danda” comment on PM

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on young men “beating Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a danda (stick)” and the ruling BJP’s condemnation set up unmitigated chaos in parliament today, with rival MPs appearing to come to blows.

“Congress MPs came to my seat in the house, tried to attack me and snatch my papers,” alleged Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, who raised Rahul Gandhi’s comments in the Lok Sabha. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor denied it and said it was his party MP who had instead been pushed around.

It all started when Rahul Gandhi, the Congress MP from Kerala, asked a listed question on medical colleges. The Health Minister, instead of answering him, proceeded to read a statement condemning the comments he had made against the PM at a rally to campaign for the Delhi election.

“Sir, please excuse me. Before I begin answering this question of dear Shri Rahul Gandhi ji. I want to condemn in no uncertain words the outlandish language that he has used against the prime minister of the country,” Harsh Vardhan said.

Speaker Om Birla asked the minister to stick to his answer but he continued to read out his statement.

As furious Congress members crowded around the speaker’s chair shouting slogans against Harsh Vardhan, a Congress MP from Tamil Nadu, Manickam Tagore, walked over to the government benches and shouted at minister, who was speaking from the second row. Some BJP MPs then appeared to be holding Mr Tagore back.

Mothers’ blessing protect me: Modi
PM Modi took a jibe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s “danda” remark and said that some leaders talk about beating him with sticks but he is protected by the blessings of “all mothers of India”.

Rahul: Ruckus orchestrated
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called the ruckus in Parliament on Friday as ‘orchestrated’, adding that it was designed to prevent him from questioning the government. He added that the BJP will keep disrupting Parliament and prevent debate to protect PM.