My statement on Sheila Dikshit misinterpreted, says Chacko

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader PC Chacko on Wednesday said that there has been a wrongful interpretation of his earlier statement wherein he had talked about Sheila Dikshit’s tenure while asserting that party’s downfall had started in the year 2013.

Clarifying over his earlier remark, Chacko said, “I did not say that we lost in Sheilaji’s time, it is being wrongly interpreted. We lost in 2013, even in 2014, 2015 and 2017. I know who the people behind all this issue are, there is a deliberate campaign against me and I have seen this earlier also.” Earlier today, during a conversation with ANI, he had said, “The downfall of the Congress party started in 2013 when Sheilaji was the Chief Minister.

The emergence of a new party Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) took away the entire Congress vote bank. We could never get it back. It still remains with the AAP.”

Earlier today, Chacko also tendered his resignation from the post of Delhi Congress in-charge.

Yesterday, the ruling AAP had scored a landslide victory in Delhi Assembly elections for the second time in a row as it swept aside both BJP, which was again restricted to single digits and Congress which drew a blank. AAP won 62 seats in the 70-member assembly, five seats short of its 2015 tally when it had won 67 seats. The BJP won eight seats, five more than its tally in the previous election.