Not blank verse: Avinash Pande plans poetic justice in mentor’s memory

New Delhi: AICC General Secretary and Congress Incharge Avinash Pande may have become a political stalwart and a crucial member of the Congress party, however, Pande has not forgotten the teachings instilled in him by Ramchandra Narayanji Dwivedi, popularly known by the alias Kavi Pradeep. Pradeep’s writings influenced Pande to the core and instilled in him the love for the motherland and a will to do something for the country. It is no mere coincidence that Pande is flying to Jaipur on Thursday to take part in the recital program of the late poet’s legendary musings.

From an early age, Pande was deeply touched by Pradeep’s simplicity and his vision of the world that he decided to devote a part of his life to the legend himself. Over the years the relation between the two cemented and a bond akin to father and son was formed between them. It was only natural for Pande that after the poet’s passing away, he chose to start a foundation by his ‘mentor’s’ name and in his memory that works to disemminate Pradeep’s works to people. It is the foundation that has organized the remembrance program from 6 PM onwards at Birla Auditorium on Thursday where Pradeep’s daughter Mitul Pradeep will also be present.

“When I met him for the first time I was amazed at his simplicity and had never comprehended he would be such a sharp person too. At that time I knew him as Kavi Pradeep only but later we grew so close that he started considering me as his son and shared his trust. He gave me several liberties too and I could always go up to him and discuss on various matters,” Pande says.

The Congress stalwart,w ho used to even get his political advice from Pradeep, remembers the man who held his morals and ideals dear to himself even though he was associated with a glamorous industry ie showbiz.