Sonia all set to handover party to Rahul, Uttar Pradesh to Priyanka

New Delhi: Nearly eight months since Rahul Gandhi stepped down as Congress President and entered a ‘self-forced’ sabbatical, rumors are rife of the Gandhi scion’s second comeback. The fire was fanned by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s remarks in late November last year at Mumbai mentioning that only Rahul was fit to lead the party (Sonia had taken over as interim president). While deep in their hearts, the Congressmen and even the general public somewhere knew that ultimately Rahul will be ‘crowned’ the ring-master, but a doubt still persists over the comeback, owing simply to Rahul’s reluctance take the centre-stage, just yet.

But here is the big news, a top source close to the party matriarch Sonia Gandhi has revealed that a FINAL CALL on the issue of Congress leadership has already been taken by Gandhi family and accordingly Rahul is all set to again take over the command of the party, on his own ‘terms and conditions’ to a large extent and Priyanka Gandhi has been specifically asked to focus on the party affairs of Uttar Pradesh only. So now, it’s only a matter of time when CWC makes a formal announcement on this much-awaited issue.

Notably, till recently, though Rahul was touted to make a comeback, there was a speculation in party circles that if the Gandhi-scion is at all keen to take over the direct responsibility once again? Rahul had resigned taking moral responsibility of party’s failure in the 2019 general election, suo-moto adjudged that none from the Gandhi family could sit on the mantle and had also hinted that senior leaders should also follow his suit. But when no one did, Rahul preferred to stay aloof and seldom interfered in the party’s matters.

But since past two months, the grand old party is abuzz with ‘Rahul 3.0’ and that he could take over soon after successfully completing his nationwide tour through the ‘Yuva Aakrosh Rally’. But the only hinderance to Rahul’s ‘christening’ is the leader himself as he claims that no substantive change has occurred either in the political environment of the nation or within the Congress, which would want him to become their leader yet again.

On the other hand, the party leaders are excited about the comeback and claim that a change has occurred in national politics and thus Congress has managed to form coalition governments in Maharashtra and Jharkhand states since he stepped down. This ‘re-emergence’ of Congress may provide a fair opportunity for Rahul to come back at the centre-stage. Moreover, party’s senior leaders are of the view that although the saffron party managed to register a thumping victory, but the political scenario is rapidly changing as in the past 15 months, BJP has lost ground in five states while is in power in an alliance in Haryana, all symbols that people have opted for a change.

Moreover, there have been surveys that point to the fact that Narendra Modi’s popularity has declined while Rahul has regained some of his lost ground, at least in a handful of states of Southern India where the public prefers ‘charkha’ over the ‘saffron’… and hence the ‘josh’ in Congress workers.