The Other Kunal Kamra: Air India drops Boston man’s flight due to his name

Air India dropped the ticket of US-based Kunal Kamra in light of his name. He needed to experience a long trial attempting to demonstrate that he was not the phenomenal comic.

Kunal Kamra isn’t a name any Indian via web-based networking media won’t know today. The high quality humorist has been prohibited by four carriers when we last tallied, and has made some troublesome memories this previous week attempting to demonstrate that he was only ‘addressing’ and not ‘annoying’ a TV stay.

Be that as it may, Kunal is not really the main Kamra on the planet.

Have you thought what this boycott is doing to the next Kunal Kamras around?

This Kunal Kamra, who is an inhabitant of Boston and is as of now in India visiting his family, needed to experience a long trial at the Jaipur air terminal, all as a result of his name.

On the evening of February 3, 2020, Kunal had a departure from Jaipur to Mumbai with Air India. Air India, incidentally, is one of the aircrafts that have prohibited his progressively well known namesake. Different transporters are IndiGo (locally available a trip of which the occurrence occurred), SpiceJet and GoAir.

As this Kunal arrived at the registration counter, he was informed that his PNR had been dropped. He stated, “I was informed that my PNR was dropped and when I asked them for what good reason, they said that my name had been boycotted. I could get why, however I didn’t comprehend why especially I was boycotted. I knew why the other Kunal Kamra was boycotted.”