Why should I suffer: Nirbhaya’s mother

New Delhi: A day after the Delhi government told the high court that the death sentence to four Nirbhaya case convicts cannot be executed on January 22 as scheduled because of a mercy petition filed by one of them, the victim’s mother, Asha Devi, said on Thursday why should she suffer for the “negligence” of Tihar Jail officials and the government.

“The date of execution should not be extended. There are several loopholes and escape routes for the convicts’ benefit, but for somebody like me — who had to do the rounds of the courts for so many years after witnessing the death of my only daughter — there seems to be no respite at all. Why should I suffer because of the negligence of Tihar Jail officials and the Delhi government?” she said.

“If they have rights, we too have the right to justice for our daughter who was killed seven years ago,” she added.
Vinay Sharma, Mukesh Kumar, Akshay Kumar Singh and Pawan Gupta are to be hanged next Wednesday at 7 am inside Tihar jail in Delhi.

A trial court judge earlier this month signed a death warrant for the execution, seven years after a young medical student was gang-raped on a moving bus, tortured and killed in December 2012.