Will it be Modi v/s Kejriwal in 2024?

Decreasing trust on Modi makes it a perfect timing for a Federal Front to be launched

It might sound too early and too farfetched but the political pandits forwarding this theory do have a logic that holds water. In fact even Arvind Kejriwal (AK) and his core team with key strategist Prashant Kishore (PK) started working on this ultimate task even before the first shot for the race was fired.

Just recall the tweet on Tuesday early noon by official Twitter handle of AAP appealing people with a new slogan ‘Join AAP for Nation Building’…no Delhi in it and this new slogan also adorned the AAP HQ in Delhi in form of a hoarding while the nation was glued to Tv for Delhi verdict.

Ok, if one considers that as a coincidence then skip to the tweet which surfaced when the trends were pretty clear which had picture of AK with PK. Both the tweets went viral in no time and this set the agenda for political pandits. Although no senior leader from AAP is forthcoming on this but insiders give the background to this ‘Modi v/s Kejriwal in 2024’ theory. Insiders recall that when PK with his I- Pack team had approached AK few months ago, the opening remark was “I know you are winning but lets……..”. Now just see what transpired during the Delhi election campaign and just after the results. Everybody is well aware of how coolly, the once dharna & agitation specialist, AK reacted to all BJP barbs. Some as poisonous as calling him a terrorist, member of the ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ and the man insulting Lord Hanuman. But AK not only used constraint but also made it a point that none of his comments gave Modi a chance like 2014.

AK/PK realized that Modi was too big for AK so the battle was limited to AK v/s Amit Shah. This strategy not only appealed to his core voters but also got him fence sitters. Even Mamata Di took her lessons from the AK’s strategy of restraint and only projecting achievements. Congress was first to congratulate AK and concede defeat as if they had a perfect idea of the outcome and were unequivocally happy at the BJP’s drubbing even at their own cost. West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerji, Chandrababu Naidu, Akhilesh Yadav…nobody lost time to congratulate the man of the moment.

But there is more to it than catches the eye. With RaGa yet to make a comeback at party helm and his party yet to become a promising partner to all concerned, Akhilesh & Mayawati somehow making their ends meet being crushed between 2 walls called Modi & Yogi and rest of the political players reduced to more of ‘Spectators’ or ‘TINA (There Is No Alternate) People’….. the stage is set for PK to step in to project AK as the alternate in present scenario.

The fact that opposition leaders, spread across India, like Jagan Reddy, MK Stalin, KS Rao and Mamata Bannerji all are professionally involved with PK and a snubbed PK will get back to Nitish Kumar in Bihar. So in all probability AK will launch his campaign from Bihar assembly elections with a perfect ‘Give & Take’ deal with PK who actually will by then have a draft prepared for all the major stake holders starting with Mamta Di, with whom he had successfully associated in LS polls as well.

So PK becomes the binding gum and the ‘Delhi Model’ of governance the ‘Pitch Deck’ for the ‘Federal Front” ship to sail. PK has said to have reignited the fire in southern leaders for a greater role in national politics which offers little or no scope in the current regime. So the Federal Front will have some take away for all, even the most adamant Mamata di. Further the economic slowdown, negative sentiment across the country and decreasing trust on Modi model makes it a perfect timing for the Federal Front to be launched say the pundits.

Although Congress is being mocked by the majority media for their umpteenth poll debacle but just imagine what more could it ask for? An all time high Opposition Unity Index for 2024 contest with all major regional players forging an alliance and last but not the least…Congress will still be the only party with pan Indian presence with whatever reduced appeal or aura. So even Congress will find Federal Front, with its obvious inherent fissures, a far better option compared to the current mighty BJP under Modi & Shah. All the above might be too early and too far fetched only because it doesn’t discuss how Modi-Shah duo will counter this ? Which they will and do the way they do it.