Jug-Jug Jiyo

City First wishes all the couples a very happy Karva Chauth, especially to the ones celebrating it for the first time.

With many Indian festivals lined up in the pipeline, Karva Chauth happens to be one among them. This one-day festival which is celebrated especially by the North Indian Hindus is all about the wives keeping a fast for the long life and safety of their husband, from sunrise to moonrise. Looking back at the time, this festival was basically a prayer by the wives of the soldiers for their long life while they were in the battle-ground, which has now been extended to a celebration of the long life of the married husband.

As this tradition is being followed since years in the country, the rituals are being passed on from generation to generation. City First got in touch with a few newly wedded Brides, who will be celebrating their first Karva Chauth today after getting married, and all of their excitement levels has no boundaries. They discussed the preparations they are doing for the big festival, the way they are being pampered by their husbands, how excited they are, and much more.

Sonali Choudhary Gaur: My husband has been my forever love, and nothing brings joy to me than fasting because I know it’s for his long and healthy life. Karva Chauth isn’t just about fast for me, it’s the celebration of our love for each other. The pampering sessions for me have been going on for a week now, and I’m very excited for this beautiful festival.

Renu Shekhawat Chauhan: Honestly, it’s a mixed feeling about being hungry and thirsty the entire day, for the first time in life, and everything is very new to me. I’m just going to keep myself busy with family and wait for my husband to come back home as soon as he can. I think most of my time is going to go in picking out dresses and accessories to wear, so I think I’m ready for it.

Surabhi Sen Malhotra: I am a Bengali who is married into a huge Punjabi joint family. Karva Chauth is extremely new to me and very exciting, to say the least. To keep me busy during the day, I am going to attend meetings and dive into work while I bring on my glam mode in the evening (something a new Bride Must Do). I pray for my husband’s long life each day, but it’s beautiful to have a full day actually dedicated to it.